Edgar the Miniature Donkey

Edgar arrived at Serenity Farm in June of 2020 after experiencing years of neglect. He would not allow his face to be touched and quick movements startled him. We moved very slowly to acclimate this sweet boy to his new home. First our interactions consisted of just sitting in his paddock and talking. Soon he warily approached and we slowly reached out to stroke him as he passed by. Within a few days he stood close enough to be pet and investigated our shoes and clothing. When he had a flehmen reaction after thoroughly checking out his new person we knew progress was being made. And the day he loudly brayed for his person to return as she walked out of his paddock, he told us our gift of friendship had been accepted.

Cautiously checking out his new friend

Edgar when he arrived
Edgar flehmening
Edgar checking out his new surroundings

Sweet Edgar is Loving Life Now!

Photo by Kate Rice Art
Photo by Kate Rice Art
Photo by Kate Rice Art
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