Best Friends Brody & Brandy with Kate Rice artwork

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From Kate Rice of Kate Rice Art

“My name is Kate Rice, and I am a professional artist based out of Front Royal, Virginia. I
specialize in nature and animal themed paintings and prints. My love of animals and the rescue
and rehabilitation work that animal sanctuaries do is what drew me to Serenity Farm Animal
I first visited in February of 2020 and created several pieces to raise money for the
sanctuary. Each of the animals has a special story of how they came to the sanctuary and
although some may have had a rocky start in life, the animals have really thrived in the space. No
matter their background, the animals are given a safe space to live out their natural lives and it is
a therapeutic space for both animals and guests.
I continue to visit once every couple of months and every time I am greeted by an
incredible group of animal ambassadors. It has been so heartwarming to see their progress over
the time that I have known most of them. They have inspired me to keep creating artworks some
of which are on view around the sanctuary today. These illustrations convey the animal’s
personalities and help to reach out to visitors who might otherwise be a little timid when meeting
a farm animal for the first time. Children are especially drawn to the pictures and it makes the
animals even more approachable and comforting. As the animals learn to be around people, they
learn not be fearful and vice versa.
I hope that Serenity Farm Animal Sanctuary will continue to be a haven for animals and
guests. It is a healing space for everyone who gets a chance to visit.”

From our Volunteers

“My son has developed a sense of pride, ownership and connection with each of the animals of Serenity Farm Animal Sanctuary.  I also cherish the weekly time with just he and I, bonding over chores and care for the animals.” Stacey Ellis

“One day when Harrison was sitting with me, slowly and one by one, all five of the sheep came to huddle around me. It was comforting to sit with them and just be, and I think that the socialization is beneficial for them as well. They haven’t always been treated kindly before coming here, but together we help them learn that humans can be kind. That human hands are good things that can give pig belly rubs, sheep and goat chin scratches, and donkey ear scratches. For both humans and animals alike, Serenity Farm is a place that heals.” Rob R.

“I volunteer here 1 day a week and when she needs help. A great place to relax and enjoy companionship from chickens, geese, ducks, pigs, sheep and goats. A great stress reliever.” Libby Oates

“Great place and great people!” Annonymous

From our Serenity Farm Friends

“Honestly, list the smallest things you can think of and the one that pops into my mind is that even though some of us in your community do not visit you, we KNOW you are there with your amazing animal rescue services and are proud to have such an organization in our community…you can quote me.”   Barbara Herzing Murry

“When I recently contacted the farm about dropping of donations, I was also kindly offered a tour. My 14-year-old daughter and I got to meet several of the animal residents. Jo told us the stories behind how each came to be there. She also described several of the gardens that were in progress. We found it to be a truly peaceful place that reminds you of what is really important. What a difference it is making in the life of the animals living there. With this being my daughter‘s first year of high school, COVID-19, and just everything going on in the world right now, it has been a tough year for her. Our visit to the farm brought her true happiness that I had not seen in her for a while.  And for that I am so very grateful.”   Stacey Steele

Serenity Farm Animal Sanctuary in Berryville, Virginia, is not only a scenic haven for farm animals, but a home where they can live together under the watchful and compassionate eye of Ms. Jo Bighouse. Serenity Farm offers a certain peace to visitors – this is a special place for patrons of all ages. A visit to the sanctuary provides the opportunity to both observe animals living in harmony as well as experience a special calm and – assuredly – serenity.- M. Christian

Photo by Kate Rice Art

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