Kate Rice Art

We are both pleased and honored that artist Kate Rice has chosen the animals of Serenity Farm to feature in her art. Kate is generously donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these pieces to Serenity Farm. Visit the Kate Rice Art Shop Here.

The wonderful picture of Edgar the donkey on our web site is courtesy of Kate Rice. Kate also painted the pictures of Lily the goat and Boots the potbelly pig on our rain barrels at the farm.

Lily is a sweet and sometimes mischievous girl. She enjoys attention and if you stop petting her she may let you know she wants more. As one visitor discovered when Lily pulled her pony tail as she turned to walk away.
Boots is the first to line up for breakfast and enjoys foraging in the field for walnuts and other tasty snacks. She is a such a happy girl and has a complete look of bliss on her face when she lays in the grass on a sunny day.
Groot is the ambassador of the animal sanctuary. He loves meeting visitors and will roll over on his side for a tummy rub with a smile on his face.
Matcha is the shy member of our group. He usually stays in the background while the other goats gather for attention but he does enjoy carrot treats from people he trusts.
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